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Stop SignIn my haste to post Planning A Blog, I rushed to find free images to illustrate it and inadvertently used a photograph without permission or credit. I didn’t see the photographer’s name in the link, which is just about the same as running a red light.

A few days after the post was up, the photographer contacted me and sent me a bill for “release from liability of copyright infringement for unauthorised and uncredited” use of his image. I apologized and appealed, to no response. So I’ve paid the fee, and I’m writing this post both to make amends and to warn others not to make the same mistake, even unwittingly.

There are images available to use for little or no cost, and there are images that are owned by their creators. These artists deserve to be credited for their work and have the right to charge for it…

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Sometimes you need to just take pride in the fact that you showed up ready to play…

Serial Killer

This topic is about loss…losing something or someone. Doesn’t need to be depressing, was part of the instructions. I am having a little bit of difficulty with this as I have experienced great losses in my life and I do not want this to be depressing. This is also part one of a series, so I need this to be something that I can use as a series. (and, I already did the blog 101 assignment I have caught up to…so, the instructions there were to make sure I do this, nice ;)) Continue reading

3 important songs

Assignment #3: Write for at least 15 minutes straight on the 3 most important songs in your life

(I just did this and managed to delete the whole thing when proofing!!)

Ok – song #1: Easy Peasy- wedding song. We got married in a little town , Bartlett, TN. We were getting married in a japanese garden outside the courthouse and had planned our music ahead of time. I had wanted to walk down the aisle to a bass solo from my favorite musician, Aaron Wills. We had editted the CD so that we had it looping for the perfect amount of time it would take to walk all the way down the ailse.

Wedding day arrives, boys are at the park, girls are still at hotel. One of my bridesmaids gets a call from one of the groomsmen, and sstarts talking in an “oh-i-am-trying-so-hard-not-to-sound-like-it, but-am-totally-freaking-out, moment. And then says to me in a slightly scared voice, “Hey Rach, what was that song you always dreamed of walking down the aisle to?”

“Scotland the Brave,” I said, “but no need to go trying to find that, we are fine with what we have.” And went about the preparations of becoming a the bride walking down the aisle. I wanted our wedding ot be a very simple weddning, focusing solely on the love that Jim and I share, the live this love created, and the people who have been entwined in our lives to bring us to this point. No reason for stressing over little things.

As we arrived at the park, I met up with my dad, who also had the responsibility of handling our pretty little ‘feather’ girl (instead of flowers, we used feathers. One of our dear friends, whom had passed away, once said, ‘whenever you see feather son tthe ground, that means an angel was here”)

I took my daddy’s arm and started to walk down the aisle. As my foot touched the beautful grey japanese bridge that separated me from our friends and family, beautoful scottish bagpipes cut through the air, bellowing Scotland the Brave. The sound took my breath away and as I looked up, I saw a gentleman with bagpipes in the center of the field. With tears rolling down my cheeks, I walked to my soulmate with my dream song carrying me every step of the way.

Song #2: Omaha stylee, 311

image found at:
image found at:

My friend and I, we had just met in person for the first time and were driving nearly 12 hours to Chicago, IL for a concert. It was early in the morning, raining and we were both in our pjs. As we were getting ready to cross the Kentucky state line, into Indiana, she slammed on the brakes and we srarted hydroplaning. We spun in circles off the road crossing into the next state. When we got out of the car, completely shaken and terrified, we checked to make sure we weren’t broken, the car wasn’t sitting there looking like the car in Tommy Boy after the deer wakes up, and headed back down the road. As soon as we started back down, we played Omaha Stylee, screaming “Let me have my life I want it”

3rd song: Kaya by Bob Marley.

We couldn’t decide on a name for our daughter. Every name I had picked, Jim coldn’t agree on, every name Jim picked, I couln’t agree on. One day were were sitting at the Purple Onion in Birmingham (having lunch with the same friend mentionedin the last song) and Jim said he had found a name. Kaya – means wise child in Native American. As part of my family like is apparently native american and I am a self proclaimed naturalist, it hit. We both looked at each other with a sparkle in our eyes. That is it! we both said. Bob Marley also has a song called Kaya…not sure if my daughter realizes how many times she has actually heard that song before she even came out of the womb. When she was born, the first thing we did was play that song.

Music has always had a very big impact on both myself and my husband. We met because of music, we have a lot of our really close friends because of music and music continues to be entwined in our lives to this day.

Writing 101: Day 3

Starting over…

I realized this morning that I need a little more focus in my life. I signed up for the Writing 101 and Blogging 101 Challenges, but didn’t sign up for the focus required in these challenges, I guess.

I am in the process of making a huge life change. Perhaps it is because I know 40 is right around the corner.  Perhaps it is because I have only gained weight and greys over the last decade, and not an ounce of self respect and accomplishment. Perhaps it is because my oldest is almost a teenager, and I have such a limited time to make an impact on her life.

Perhaps it is because, all I ever wanted to do was make an impact. And if I can’t even make an impact on my family, what could I possibly be doing right?

When you come to this realization, there is truly only one way to go, you have to go towards the light at the end of the tunnel. You have to roll up your sleeves, take a deep breath and plow towards the realization that is your true self.


I have mentioned before, in various corners of this blog, that we are a very close group of 3. 3 girls all on our own unique journey. My name is Rachel, this is my journey. I am a writer. I was put on this beautiful Earth to express my thoughts, my feelings and connect with anyone who stumbles in my path.

It is such a pleasure to meet you!

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