Serial Killer

This topic is about loss…losing something or someone. Doesn’t need to be depressing, was part of the instructions. I am having a little bit of difficulty with this as I have experienced great losses in my life and I do not want this to be depressing. This is also part one of a series, so I need this to be something that I can use as a series. (and, I already did the blog 101 assignment I have caught up to…so, the instructions there were to make sure I do this, nice ;))

So something I lost. I lost my youth. After graduating from high school, I did what every recent grad is supposed to do, I went to college. I didn’t want to go to a school where there were sororities and fraternities, I wanted a smaller atmosphere, even used whether or not they had a college football team to help determine the right school for me. Ironically, I was accepted into the University of Alabama before I even got halfway through my senior year of high school.

So I was also accepted into GA State University. GA State was close, small and I could still live at home (which, to this day I still haven’t figured out why this excited me!) I headed to GSU…plans to major in Theatre.

I should have been able to see the foreshadowing when I tried signing up for Theater classes and the advisors told me those classes could only be for upper classmen. I took them anyway. Shortly after my first year, unforeseeable acts of stubbornness oozed out of my soul and I decided that I didn’t need my parents to pay for my education. (yes, truly brainless mindset we are talking here). One night, my dad tried to enforce his curfew on me…a college girl, WHAT? And I just would have none of that. So I told him he could keep his tuition check he had just given me, and I would figure out a way to do it on my own. Really. 19 yrs old. I knew what it was all about…easy as pie.

And this, this was the beginning of the loss of my youth.

Writing 101: Day 4: Serial Killer


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