Today’s topic

To write about anything (for 10 minutes straight)

I have Natalie Goldberg’s book and have tried several times in the past to condition myself to free write for 10-15 minutes each day. Too often “life” has gotten in the way.

I am trying to keep this blog focused on the silver lining. This is what the girls and I stand for, this is what we represent to each other and what I want to try to keep doing here. All I see is silver linings right now, and that is so attributed to these two soul sisters of mine and the journey we share daily.

I am rather known in my home as a ‘tornado’

the tornado that spins

slowly at the bottom, moving effortlessly

consuming more air, more speed

swirling in an uncontrollable motion

eh, couldn’t get much farther than that…so my tornado is my mind…it goes. And goes and flies all over the place. When I am cleaning, I cannot focus in  one place alone. I will start in  the kitchen with the dishes, then need a new hand-towel. As I head to the hand-towels, I realized I haven’t started any laundry, so will then veer into the laundry room and begin a load of clothes. But the clothes basket, it is full.

Moving into the bedroom to start folding the clean clothes so I can use the clothes basket with the dishes still wet, and the hand towel sitting on top of the dryer now…I trip over a shoe, look down and see dog hair on the bedroom floor. I pick up the shoes, put them in the closet, head to the vacuum and begin to vacuum the bedroom…but there is a pile of stuff next to the dresser and, if I stop to pick it up and can get the whole floor at once…who wants half of a clean bedroom floor? Plus, hubby will sigh with that happy smile when he sees the floor looks brand new again. So…

I think that was 10 minutes 😉


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