Random Moments

Falling from the sky…or perhaps, staying in the sky! We were at an outdoor festival last weekend for my daughter’s dancer performance. As we arrived, the darkest clouds were gathering just over the trDSC_0027ee line.

It was extremely hot outside, the humidity making it difficult to even breath. And as the clouds grew darker, you could hear the rustling voices around, both attendees and volunteers working in, what felt like the hottest day of the year.

“See the clouds?”

“Do you think they are going to hit?”

No fear in the voices I was tuned into, more a hesitant excitement, as, with just the taste of the clouds’ shadows grazing everyone’s skin, the tantalization of cold, wet raindrops seeping into the burning flesh was anticipation unfathomed at high noon on this beautiful Saturday. And while everyone went about their business, setting up children on the bungy jump, blowing up hamster balls for others to roll in on a cool pool, our eyes hovered gently above, desperately hoping for those clouds to quickly open.

During this time, with the excited feeling in the air, I noticed the sun hidden behind the clouds. The beams trying to bust out from the shadows with a crisp blue sky in the background, creating such a silver lining on the clouds, I was drawn to take a picture which I later realized captured the perfect image for our site.



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