Happy Birthday!

Today is the birth of our blog:

Secret Silver Linings

We are three girls, from complete different areas of the world, with 3 complete different backgrounds. Fate put us together in a meek and gloomy setting in downtown Philadelphia, in a super posh conference room just a few months back and quickly started our journey down a new and unfamiliar road.

When life brings us lemons, we make lemonade to sip and share…and together we are finding that life is full of silver linings, some of which shine so bright, they bounce prisms of light around those watching, circling them in a warm feeling of joy and laughter, while there are some linings that are just so pristine and clear, the only thing you can see is the reflection of yourself, the most important part of any journey.

Life is ever-evolving, the journey never stops. This here is our new chapter, our blank canvas. With every stroke, out picture will continue to expand..we welcome you to watch our masterpieces being created~


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